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To become an affiliate on SmartXaaS LLP Network Websites? You have to just signup an account. Learn more at;

Every member has an affilaite link. It's that simple. You can grab your affiliate link from:-


Coins are like virtual currency balance which can be used for specific purposes within the platform only. Our Coin system is shared across websites. Kindly refer the concept of coins in various websites below:-

Nope, you can create ONLY ONE account. We don't allow multiple accounts as such from the security/safety point of view and other reasons.
If you really need multiple accounts then contact us first with a genuine reason or explanation for the same. If it looked reasonable we will make an exception for you.


We may charge handling fee in some cases depending upon the matter because we bear losses on behalf of customer while receiving funds.

Handling fee is charged to setoff losses that we incur on behalf of the customer. Kindly find some examples below:

  • Transaction charges incurred to collect payment via payment gateways.
  • Man power consumed in processing the payment (if manual method).
  • Cross border or markup fee we pay while receiving international funds.
  • Currency conversion fee or losses we face due to fluctuation in currency rates.
  • Accounting cost we incur to maintain govt. financial compliances.
  • Tax we paid against the profit we booked on payment we received.
  • Additional tax filling burden we incur to setoff refund transaction.
  • Cost of maintaining the platform and infrastructure w.r.t finance.




  • When you signup a new account on our platform, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email.
  • The confirmation email sent to you contains a special activation link, you just have to click or visit that link in any web browser to automatically verify your email and hence activate your account.
  • The purpose of this verification is to confirms that you are the owner or have access to the email. Its very important to verify email from security point of view.

If case you haven't received or missed the confirmation email containing your special activation link, then kindly request activation link using any of the below link and we will resend activation email accordingly:-

Still NOT Getting Email?

  • Kindly double check your SPAM or Junk folder.
  • Kindly double check your registered email and make sure it's correct.
  • Kindly double check if there is any typo mistakes in your registered email address.
  • If you are still logged-in into your account, then you may try changing your registered email to another email.
    Recommended Article: How to Change / Update Account Email?
  • It can be possible that your inbox has some issue in receiving our emails, check with your provider.
  • Reach out to support, if problem still persist.


You may change or update your account email at:

Simply enter your new email and click "Request OTP" button to receive an OTP to your new email.

Confirm the OTP, enter your account password and hit submit button to change account email.


Unfortunately, account username can NOT be changed or updated.




How to Generate Invoice?

  • If you are going to pay via manual payment methods such as wire / bank you may require Invoice beforehand by your finance team.
  • If you need your company details mentioned in the invoice, kindly make sure to update the same in your profile (
  • You can simply follow the steps given at How to Add Funds in your Account Balance? that would automatically generate a draft Invoice for the selected payment method which can be downloaded later (check steps below).

How to Download Invoice?

You can find and download all your invoices at:

Just hit "Invoice" button given under Action column to view and download (print as pdf) the invoice.


SOP for TDS payment in case of INDIAN Customers:-

  • Kindly make payment of full invoice amount inclusive of GST amount, so as to get your invoice processed.
  • You will have to deposit TDS (if applicable) additionally and file TDS return as per your convenience.
  • Then issue FORM 16A to us. Please reach out to support to get our PAN details as per website. 
  • After submission of TDS Certificate to us, within 7 working days, TDS amount will be reimbursed into your current account.
  • Kindly note that TDS applicable section "194C" and TDS rate applicable is 1%.

SOP for GST input claim in case of INDIAN Customers:-

  • If you are registered business and have GSTIN number, you may update your GSTIN number in your account profile to get GST invoices.
  • If you are eligible, we will issue you GST invoices and you may claim GST input accordingly. Kindly check with your CA to learn more.
  • We are falling below prescribed limit of monthly GSTR-1 return. Hence we will be filling on 13th of subsequent month of Quarter end.
  • So you should be able to get GST input on 3rd month of Quarter end.
  • This is the SOP for GST operation and input claim eligibility.


Steps to Add Funds using Paytm QR Scan:-

  • Kindly refer this guide to know How to Add Funds into your USD Balance.
  • Just Select/Click "Paytm" option as your payment processor.
    Note: You will Pay in INR equivalent + GST Tax.
  • It will take you to a secure Paytm payment page, which will guide you further.
  • Pay with Paytm Wallet or Scan the QR Code via Paytm App, upon successful payment;
  • Submit Transaction Details [ORDER ID & AMOUNT] to Automatically Process the Payment.

Note: These steps apply similarly to all our TheSmartWare Network Websites

Troubleshooting Paytm Issues:

  • If you missed to submit Order ID & aborted mid-way, you can go to your dashboard or add funds page to see your pending invoices and just hit "Pay Now" button and complete the step of submitting Order ID.
  • If you missed to note down your Order ID, then you may have to check your Paytm app to find it or contact paytm or tell us as many details as you can so that we can verify your payment.
  • For your ref: This is how it looks at our end (check below). kindly share as many relevant details so that we can verify your payment in case you don't know your order id:-

    Screenshot (part 1):Payments_Received__Paytm_for_your_Business.png

    Screenshot (part 2):Payments_Received__Paytm_for_your_Business2.png


Payoneer is a manual payment processor but the good part is they are available in almost every country. In order to make payment via Payoneer, you can either directly send us the funds from your Payoneer account if you are existing Payoneer customers. You may find our latest official Payoneer account details at:

Otherwise you need to contact us and tell us the amount and we will send you a payment request accordingly.

You will receive an email from Payoneer with a payment link, Go to that link and make payment and inform us. We will credit the requested amount into your account balance.

Is there any fee?
From our end we don't charge any fee for payments made via Payoneer, you may have to choose appropriate options at your end to avoid any fee (if any) and pay the requested amount. Payoneer should deduct transaction fee from our account (if any).

Example for your ref:Screen_Shot_2020-03-05_at_6.07.54_PM.png


Topics covered in this article:-

Refund on Balances/Invoices

  • You may or may not get refund as per our refund policy. You may find link to our refund policy in the footer on main website.

Refund on Campaigns/Orders

  • You may terminate the campaign or cancel the order (if applicable and available) to get the refund back to your account balance for unused/unspent budget/funds.
    Note: Refund will be given back to the account balance only but not be given on your invoice (original payment method)

Exceptions & Special Cases

There are some exceptions => for more details, please refer our refund policy at: 



Payment Deducted but NOT Credited Issue:-

This happens very rarely, usually when we don't get server postbacks from our payment gateway partner or under payment issues or some other reasons.

Common Reasons for Fiat Payment Failure:-

If you tried to deposit funds in your USD balance but it was failed / canceled by the payment processor, it might be due to one or more of the following reasons:- 

  • Payment Processor does not support your country or not available in your country.
  • Payment Processor does not support your debit card, credit card.
  • Your debit card, credit card is not enabled for international transaction.
  • The debit card, credit card you has used might be expired.
  • Other miscellaneous reasons such as technical failure.

Common Reasons for Crypto Payment Delay:-

  • Crypto payments are usually not instant.
  • They requires several confirmations on their respective blockchain.
  • Generally, 6 confirmations are required.
  • Once there are enough confirmations, your payment should reflect automatically.

Common Reasons for Crypto Payment Failure:-

If you tired to deposit funds in your USD balance but it was marked under paid or partially paid, it might be due to one or more of the following reasons:- 

  • You might have sent funds from your crypto wallet / exchange without considering the network fee.
  • Make sure to add markup for network fee if your crypto wallet / exchange does not take care of the same for you.
  • Please note that under paid or partially paid invoices are very complicated and hence it may not process automatically.
  • Please not that we can not refund under paid or partially paid invoices because it incur us additional fee (trxn fee + network fee) to process the refund and does not worth. 

How to Resolve Under Paid or Partially Paid Invoice?

  • If you invoice is marked as under paid or partially paid, then you may have to pay the difference to get it processed manually.
  • For example, if you under paid $95 on a $100 crypto invoice, you will have to pay the difference ($5 in this case) via same gateway/invoice.
  • In case the gateway don't accept another payment on same invoice, you may have to raise a fresh crypto invoice (say for $10) and intentionally overpay it by the difference amount ($5 in this case) w.r.t previous invoice i.e total $15 (= $10 + $5) in this scenario.
  • Make sure to reach out to support to get your under paid or partially paid invoices processed manually.


Going to create a campaign or place an order?
First of all, you need to add funds into your account balance by using an appropriate payment method such as Stripe, Tazapay, NowPayments, Paytm, Crypto, Wire, Bank ...etc at:

Quick Steps:

  1. Enter amount (USD) you want to add into your USD balance.
  2. Choose your preferred payment processor such as Stripe, Tazapay, PayPal ...etc
  3. Hit "Checkout" button to go to secure payment page.
  4. Follow the instructions shown by respective payment processor to make payment.

Note: You balance should get updated accordingly if paid successfully.

Payment Processors:

  • For Indians :  We have dedicated INR payment processors such as PayPal INR, Paytm, Bank ...etc.
  • For Non-Indians : We have PayPal, Stipe, Payoneer ...etc.
  • We also accept Crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and over 50 AltCoins through payment processors like Bitpay, GoCoin, CoinGate ...etc.

Note: Some payment processor may not be available. Please check website add fund page to see actual list of available payment methods.


Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency and you need to have an account or bitcoin wallet at any one of your preferred bitcoin exchange/wallets.
You can buy or sell bitcoins from your account at any bitcoin exchange using your local currency. For more details, you may contact your bitcoin exchange where you have created account or have bitcoin wallet.
Popular BitCoin Wallets: UnoCoin | iGOT | XAPO | Zebpay 
Please follow these steps:-
  1. Please go to (login required)
  2. Enter amount of funds (USD) you want to add in "Add Funds" field
  3. Find "Pay in Crypto" tab under "
  4. Select your preferred bitcoin payment processor such as Bitpay
  5. Click "Submit" button to go to a secure payment page.
  6. Send equivalent BTC amount to the unique bitcoin address displayed.
  7. Funds will be credited to your account balance after 6 confirmations within bitcoin network.
Note: After you hit submit, It will take you to secure payment page of chosen bitcoin payment processor, where a unique bitcoin address will be shown, you have to send equivalent BTC to that address.



  • We prefer to work on pre-payment terms as of now.
  • By default our platform is designed to support pre-payment mode.
  • We have wallet system (USD Balance) in which you can top up an amount of your choice and use it to create campaigns or place orders.


  • Eligibility Criteria for Ad Network or Agency []:-
    Learn more at 
  • Eligibility Criteria for Direct Advertiser (
    - We may enable post-payment mode upon request but;
    - Should have good spend history of 6 months with us on pre-payment mode.
    - Should have decent and very long term on-going campaign.
    - Should have decent daily and total budget.
    - Post-payment threshold amount will be decided by us based on your past history.

Common FAQs:

How much Minimum Funds one can Deposit in their USD Balance?

  • The minimum possible funds you can add is just $10 (may vary depending upon the payment processor or method)
  • Please go to (login required) for more info



We reserve the right to disapprove of any website that we feel does not sufficiently meet our standard of quality. We DO NOT intentionally accept or allow the following types of content:

  • Adult content: We don't allow all kinds of sexual content: Text, images, audio, or video that can be interpreted as suggesting sexual. Sites promote Hook-up or fling dating, swinger dating sites, sex toys, strip clubs, adult movie, sexually suggestive live streaming, sexually suggestive role-playing games, etc.
  • Drug Abuse & Addiction: We don't allow the content of recreational drugs, Heroin, Cocaine, Viagra, Marijuana Tobacco, etc.
  • Gambling: We don’t allow any content that facilitates, promotes or is affiliated in any way with online gambling or wagering of any type. Examples of restricted gambling-related content: physical casinos; sites where users can bet on poker, bingo, roulette, Judi, slot, lotteries, etc.
  • Alcohol: We don’t allow all kinds of alcohol-related content, both for alcohol and drinks that resemble alcohol: beer, wine, Champagne, distilled spirits, etc
  • Scams: We don't allow the content of Hacking software or instructions, fake documents and academic cheating services.
  • Inappropriate content: We don't allow shocking content or promote hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence; bullying or intimidation of an individual or group, racial discrimination, hate group paraphernalia, cruelty to animals, murder, self-harm, extortion or blackmail.
  • Dangerous products or services: We don't allow the content of some products or services that cause damage, harm, or injury: equipment to facilitate drug use; weapons, ammunition, black magic, other harmful products or services.

We also have the right to reject any content that we do not find suitable for our standards. We use a combination of automated and human evaluation to ensure your website content complies with our policies.

If you think that your website does not violate our policies, please contact us.


What are Coins?

  • Coins are like virtual currency balance which can be used for specific purposes within the platform only.

How to use Coins?

  • Coins are part of experimental features and can be used to update keyword rank or metrics for now.
  • Coins can be used for refreshing the keyword rankings of your websites.
  • Every time you update keyword rank, it will cost you 1 coin per refresh.
  • Kindly note that without coins you can NOT refresh keyword ranking.
  • You can manage all your websites and keywords at (login required)

Can we get FREE Coins?

  • When you register on our platform, you may get some coins for FREE.
  • You may reach out to support and request some FREE coins for trial.

How to Purchase Coins?

Are Coins refundable?

  • Please be aware that coins are non-refundable and it can NOT be used for creating campaigns.



There are some pre-designed SEO services/campaigns for various budgets

It is the most effective for defined budgets
Getting a weekly/monthly campaign according to your budget, may rank your site in Google 1st page in 1 ~ 6 months (some sites ranked in 1st page in less than 2 weeks),
According to many factors such as Domain/page authority, Keywords competition, Social signals (Facebook, Google shares for the website ...) "very important", On-site optimization, Domain age, Current rank & many other factors.

  • Backlinks checkers have crawlers which scrap the web regularly and hence they are always behind the web and may take a couple of weeks or months depending upon their speed and capacity as well the popularity of the crawled website. Usually they give more priority to popular or authoritative websites.
  • Instead of kept waiting for these backlinks checkers to crawl your backlinks, it better you simply upload the list of backlinks from the reports we provide to you.
  • Generally getting your links indexed is important for SEO, there are premium indexer service available as add-ons or with our premium SEO campaigns/packages, it gives a high indexer rate.
    Note: Full campaign and SEO packages comes with indexer built-in.
  • Indexing your links mean that Google search index these links, and know about it.
  • Backlinks checkers, such as Google webmasters tools or Ahrefs takes a bit more time to show backlinks, after your links indexed in Google search, about 2 weeks and up to 3 months.
  • Kindly note the Google is working on their own terms and indexing links as per their proprietary algorithms which gives more priority to popular websites. 
  • Google webmasters tools will show just a few of your total links because they only show notable backlinks, not all.
  • You need to use a good backlink checker tool to check all backlinks and don't forget to upload backlink reports.
  • We believe that Ahrefs spiders is less powerful than Google but it's still faster and should index most of the backlinks but after about 2 weeks and up to 3 months of getting these links indexed in Google search.

No sorry,

Also, you can try all services with just a few dollars, as it's very cheap with low minimum quantities

Yes, we can, however, we use English related articles, with your exact keywords as you type in your language, it ranks well don't worry ^^

Yes, our campaigns is working properly with Facebook fanpages, YouTube videos/channels, Google+ pages, twitter channels & any other social pages/channels. Also it will be much easier than the normal sites.

Alexa rank is rating the visitors primarily, then getting the details of backlinks, so this campaign will give a good results in Alexa but keep in mind that visitors is the primary ranking factor.

  • Please note that our weekend is Friday, and our working time is: Saturday to Thursday - 8AM to 3PM GMT.
  • If you make your order within our working time, then it may be delivered within couple of hours.
  • In general it takes about 24 hrs. for all orders to be delivered.
  • In tier2 orders it may take a bit more time.



Articles you provide should be in Press Release format. Here are some of the basic tips.

Here are some of the basic guidelines:

  • The article needs to be between 350-800 words.
  • The headline must summarize the article in a single line.
  • Use a professional tone without exaggeration or hype.
  • Be neutral and informational, not a salesperson.
  • Write as a third party and do not use personal pronouns like “we” or “you”.
  • You may include 1 link for every 250 words (5 links maximum).
  • You may include 1 image for every 250 words.
  • The article needs to be written in English.

How to Write a Press Release in Steps?

If you choose to write your own article, please follow writing steps below:

  • Get Straight to the Point
  • Start with a Press Release Template
  • Have a Word Count in Mind
  • Include Useful and Timely Statistics
  • Make the Hook Obvious
  • Supply a Link to High-Quality Images
  • Include Your Contact Details.

Need help? Our team of experienced writers can craft the perfect article for you just contact us

Our services are dedicated for resellers, they may buy it and resell to end customers, that is also why you may not found much details and descriptions about all features.


Our services will work in high-quality website. It is mixed DA (Domain Authority), also no-follow and do-follow; this gives a benefit of getting links from more deference domains.

  • As for SEO Booster, the list of startup directories can be found at
  • Unfortunately there no available list of sites for all services, as we are continually updating our sites list.

By the way, the most quality services is Web 2.0 Backlinks, High DA Backlinks & SEnuke Campaigns, and it works in our premium sites list;

Check the premium sites list and DA [Sample]:


  • The platform system is managed by a team but regarding the backlinks process, it's software process
  • Some of our services were manually submitted like PR9 (DA 70) and some other was semi-automated like some of the web 2.0 submissions, BUT we already updated our system/scripts to be able to submit in those hard sites, with the same appearance and results like manual.

In general, it's great to get some web 2.0 backlinks, High DA backlinks such as PR9 (DA 70+) backlinks & SEnuke campaigns

Those are the best for websites
Also, we highly recommend you to get the full monty premium edition campaign, it includes all those types in a full 2 tiers campaign (link wheel).

We are sorry, niche backlinks are not available,

Instead, you can get backlinks that accept articles (web 2.0, articles, wiki, ...) and we will create unique articles related to your niche
get more unique articles in order extra of more quality content.

Kindly check the available article categories below:


Code Description
automotive_auto-repair Automotive » Auto Repair
automotive_car-shopping Automotive » Car Shopping
business_affiliate-marketing Business » Affiliate Marketing
business_article-marketing Business » Article Marketing
business_carpet-cleaning Business » Carpet Cleaning
business_email-marketing Business » Email Marketing
business_facebook-marketing Business » Facebook Marketing
business_forex Business » Forex
business_home-business Business » Home Business
business_internet-marketing Business » Internet Marketing
business_lead-generation Business » Lead Generation
business_leadership Business » Leadership
business_locksmiths Business » Locksmiths
business_make-money-online Business » Make Money Online
business_mobile-marketing Business » Mobile Marketing
business_multi-level-marketing Business » Multi-level Marketing
business_network-marketing Business » Network Marketing
business_real-estate-investing Business » Real Estate Investing
business_reputation-management Business » Reputation Management
business_search-engine-optimization Business » Search Engine Optimization
business_social-media-marketing Business » Social Media Marketing
business_video-marketing Business » Video Marketing
business_woodworking Business » Woodworking
education_college Education » College
education_homeschooling Education » Homeschooling
education_student-loans Education » Student Loans
entertainment_music-downloads Entertainment » Music Downloads
entertainment_toys Entertainment » Toys
finance_coupons Finance » Coupons
finance_credit-cards Finance » Credit Cards
finance_credit-repair Finance » Credit Repair
finance_debt-consolidation Finance » Debt Consolidation
finance_employment Finance » Employment
finance_gold Finance » Gold
finance_home-mortgages Finance » Home Mortgages
finance_insurance-auto Finance » Insurance - Auto
finance_insurance-general Finance » Insurance - General
finance_insurance-life Finance » Insurance - Life
finance_investing Finance » Investing
finance_payday-loans Finance » Payday Loans
finance_personal-bankruptcy Finance » Personal Bankruptcy
finance_personal-finance Finance » Personal Finance
finance_real-estate-buying Finance » Real Estate - Buying
finance_real-estate-commercial Finance » Real Estate - Commercial
finance_real-estate-selling Finance » Real Estate - Selling
finance_retirement Finance » Retirement
finance_stock-market Finance » Stock Market
food_coffee Food » Coffee
food_wine Food » Wine
health_acid-reflux Health » Acid Reflux
health_acne Health » Acne
health_acupuncture Health » Acupuncture
health_aging Health » Aging
health_allergies Health » Allergies
health_anxiety Health » Anxiety
health_arthritis Health » Arthritis
health_asthma Health » Asthma
health_back-pain Health » Back Pain
health_beauty Health » Beauty
health_cancer Health » Cancer
health_cellulite Health » Cellulite
health_chiropractic-care Health » Chiropractic Care
health_cosmetic-surgery Health » Cosmetic Surgery
health_dental-care Health » Dental Care
health_depression Health » Depression
health_diabetes Health » Diabetes
health_eczema Health » Eczema
health_eye-care Health » Eye Care
health_fitness Health » Fitness
health_hair-care Health » Hair Care
health_hair-loss Health » Hair Loss
health_hemorrhoids Health » Hemorrhoids
health_insomnia Health » Insomnia
health_insurance-health Health » Insurance - Health
health_juicing Health » Juicing
health_massage Health » Massage
health_memory Health » Memory
health_muscle-building Health » Muscle Building
health_nutrition Health » Nutrition
health_panic-attacks Health » Panic Attacks
health_personal-development Health » Personal Development
health_quit-smoking Health » Quit Smoking
health_skin-care Health » Skin Care
health_sleep-apnea Health » Sleep Apnea
health_snoring Health » Snoring
health_stress Health » Stress
health_teeth-whitening Health » Teeth Whitening
health_tinnitus Health » Tinnitus
health_vitamins-and-minerals Health » Vitamins And Minerals
health_weight-loss Health » Weight Loss
health_yeast-infection Health » Yeast Infection
hobbies_arts-and-crafts Hobbies » Arts And Crafts
home-family_cooking Home And Family » Cooking
home-family_dog-training Home And Family » Dog Training
home-family_furniture Home And Family » Furniture
home-family_gardening Home And Family » Gardening
home-family_hobbies Home And Family » Hobbies
home-family_home-improvement Home And Family » Home Improvement
home-family_home-security Home And Family » Home Security
home-family_hvac Home And Family » HVAC
home-family_insurance-home-owners Home And Family » Insurance - Home Owners
home-family_interior-design Home And Family » Interior Design
home-family_landscaping Home And Family » Landscaping
home-family_organic-gardening Home And Family » Organic Gardening
home-family_parenting Home And Family » Parenting
home-family_pest-control Home And Family » Pest Control
home-family_plumbing Home And Family » Plumbing
home-family_pregnancy Home And Family » Pregnancy
home-family_roofing Home And Family » Roofing
legal_lawyers Legal » Lawyers
legal_personal-injury Legal » Personal Injury
music_learn-guitar Music » Learn Guitar
pets_cats Pets » Cats
pets_dogs Pets » Dogs
recreation_camping Recreation » Camping
recreation_fishing Recreation » Fishing
recreation_golf Recreation » Golf
recreation_hotels Recreation » Hotels
recreation_photography Recreation » Photography
recreation_travel Recreation » Travel
recreation_video-games Recreation » Video Games
self-improvement_public-speaking Self Improvement » Public Speaking
shopping_jewelry Shopping » Jewelry
shopping_online-shopping Shopping » Online Shopping
shopping_shoes Shopping » Shoes
society_fashion Society » Fashion
society_weddings Society » Weddings
sports_baseball Sports » Baseball
sports_basketball Sports » Basketball
sports_football Sports » Football
sports_soccer Sports » Soccer
technology_blogging Technology » Blogging
technology_cell-phones Technology » Cell Phones
technology_desktop-computers Technology » Desktop Computers
technology_green-energy Technology » Green Energy
technology_ipad Technology » Ipad
technology_iphone Technology » Iphone
technology_laptops Technology » Laptops
technology_solar-energy Technology » Solar Energy
technology_time-management Technology » Time Management
technology_web-design Technology » Web Design
technology_web-hosting Technology » Web Hosting
technology_wordpress Technology » Wordpress
technology_printing-printer Technology » Printing And Printer
food_food-drink Food » Food And Drink
business_shipping-Ports Business » Shipping And Ports
food_restaurants-cafe-shop Food » Restaurants And Cafe Shop
sports_athletics-combat-sports Sports » Athletics And Combat Sports
military_war-army Military » War And Army
hobbies_painting Hobbies » Painting
entertainment_online-movies Entertainment » Online Movies

*Last updated on 25-11-2020


The links are permanent in normal cases, as we use high-quality unique articles in submission and also submit in high-quality sites, but in few cases, the sites may bulk delete accounts/articles or sites may down after some time, so it's about 80% permanent.



Please go through this quick guide and follow the instructions given below to get started quickly:-


  1. Register a FREE Account on our Self-Serve Platform
  2. Add some Funds to your Account Balance
  3. Create a Campaign from your Dashboard
  4. Manage your Campaign from your Dashboard

1. Register a FREE Account on our Self-Serve Platform

If you are NOT registered on our self-serve platform yet then please register a FREE account at to get started.
Note: Please make sure to activate your account by verifying your email => Resend Activation Email

2. Add some Funds to your Account Balance

You need to add funds in your account balance at (login required) by using an appropriate payment processor such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Paytm ...etc before creating the campaign.

3. Create a Campaign from your Dashboard

You can create campaigns at (login required)

There are just a few details, you have to choose or fill in order to create a campaign.

  • Choose Service: Select the service. 
  • Quantity: No. of backlinks you are looking for.
  • Links: One Link / URL per line.
  • Keywords: One Keyword per line.

4. Manage your Campaign from your Dashboard

You can manage all your campaigns at (login required) from your dashboard.

Recommended Article: What is the average delivery time?

There are 3 levels of indexer service:-
  • The indexer #1 is a complex process that ensures that all of the backlinks have been crawled by Google spiders, it is including some techniques such as shorten your links, ping each single link, create RSS feeds, create XML sitemaps... etc.
  • The indexer #2 will include all processes in the indexer #1 more than 1 time + some extra tactics to get high indexer rate not only crawled by Google.
  • The indexer #3 have all processes in the indexer #2 plus submitting each backlink to 1k - 2k of authority filter sites like whois, redirect, stats... etc.

*The indexer #3 gives the maximum indexer rate


Kindly create a ticket for support team and our team will be able to check and fix if anything else.



The reasons why the data in Google Analytics differs from the statistics in your SEOeShop dashboard:

  • Google analytics is loaded after when the user got to the site (sometimes user might close the website prior page loads due to your multiple redirects) + services such as AdBlock blocks Google analytics and Yandex metrica.
  • Google analytics does not record transitions, it only records visits to the site, in order to record transitions, you need to use a tracking system. The tracker considers the transitions, while the GA behavior of the user on the site. We recommend using: Voluum, Keirato, Adsbridge, Redtrack, Binom, Perclick, Appsflyer, there are free versions.


Some Links in the Report are Dead or Removed?

  • Kindly note that some backlinks may die or removed by website owner which quite not in our control that's why we generally over deliver orders and you should have received backlinks more that the no. of backlinks purchased in the campaign.
  • Please make sure to compare the no. of backlink you have purchased and no. of backlinks you have received in the reports, the later should be greater thus some of backlinks died or removed should not be a problem.
  • However, if you have received backlinks (live) less than the no. of backlinks purchased, you may report the issue to support.
  • While reporting issues to support please make sure to mention following information:-
     - Campaign ID : 
     - Quantity of backlinks purchased : 
     - No. of backlinks received : 
     - No. of backlinks invalid : 
     - List of invalid backlinks (with reason) : 

Kindly find our most recommended SEO services below:-

  • Our reports are by default white-labeled and can be easily downloaded from your SEOeShop dashboard once the campaign is completed.
  • For each campaign, all reports will be combined in to single .zip file, which you can easily share with your clients.
  • White Labeled Tracking Link : Coming soon!



When you create a campaign it will be in "Pending" status, after a while it should be in "Processing" status. Wait for the order to complete.

  • As soon as the order is completed, you will find a report (button) beside it (it is .zip file available for download) at (login required) under "Actions" column, just hit the Report button to download your reports.
  • Reports should contain;
    - report.txt file for links.
    - report.csv file for links with details.
    - accounts.csv for the account details created (for select services).



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