What are Keywords in SEO ?

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Keywords are basically, an idea or a topic that comes up in the mind of a user. Let us know more about keywords from an SEO point of view. In layman's terms, the word keywords refers to phrases or search queries that users put into the search engine to get their answers. If you properly use keywords in your content, then the chances of discovery are much higher in the search engine. If you are a website owner or a content creator, then you must keep in mind that you should optimize your content according to the search engine. Optimizing your content means that you should properly use keywords, H1 tags, headings, proper images, internal links, or backlinks (external links) in your content. 

Why are keywords important?

Keywords can help you understand what your audience is currently searching for. They will guide you on how to connect with your audience. If you properly use buying intent keywords in your content, then the chances of purchasing your products are much higher.    All the digital marketing strategies, like- SEO, social media, paid advertising, and many more, start with understanding what your audiences are currently looking for. They all start with generating, and clustering the keywords that pop up in the mind of a user.If your target is to generate traffic for your website, then you should properly optimize Your website content according to the user query. Now, you might be wondering how to find keywords for our business

How do you find keywords for your business?

  1. First Talk to your customer: If you are confused about where to start and how to find keywords for your business, then you should talk with your existing customers. They will tell you how they reached you. What are the pain points they faced? Find a way to get feedback from your existing customers that will help you understand the real pain points of your customers

  2. Join relevant groups and forums: Another way to find keywords for your business is to join relevant groups and forums. There are many Facebook groups, subreddits, Discord, warrior forums, and many more available out there. If you join the relevant forums according to your niche, then you can find an abundance of keyword ideas in them. And you will also find out what their pain points are and how to provide solutions for them.

  3. Use Google Suggest: There are many people who are struggling with SEO because they are targeting very competitive keywords, resulting in their content not ranking in Google. So, if you use the Google auto-suggest tool, you can find relevant keywords with less competition. That will help you rank easily at the top of Google search results.Google also provides specific features like- ‘People also Ask’ and ‘Related Searches’ that will help you get more keyword ideas related to your business. 
  4. Keyword Research: There are many keyword research tools out there on the market that will help with researching the best keywords for your business. Like- Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Keyword Everywhere. With the help of these tools, you can get thousands of keyword ideas instantly by just putting in the seed keywords. 

Kinds of keywords:
Basically, there are 3 kinds of keywords in SEO: 

  1. Short-tail keywords: Short-tail keywords are those whose range is between 1 and 3 keywords. They are not very specific and relevant in terms of the search query, and do not pinpoint the search intent of the users. They are too competitive, and there are fewer chances to rank on these keywords.

  2. Medium-tail keywords: Medium-tail keywords consist of more than 2 to 3 keywords. They are less  competitive and very specific to the user query.

  3. Long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords refer to those keywords that consist of more than 3 words. They are much more specific and relevant in terms of search queries. It can also be said that it is way more specific than short tail keywords and pinpoints the search intent of the users.

Types of keywords:

Basically, there are 4 types of keywords in SEO terms:

  1. Transactional keywords: Transactional keywords show that the user is ready to take actions like purchasing the product or services.You can easily identify these keyword phrases by just looking at them. These phrase terms include- ‘buy’, order, subscribe , download, and register.

  2. Commercial keywords:- It shows that people are currently in the mindset of purchasing particular products or services, but have not purchased them. These keywords include- best,  review,  top,  and compare.

  3. Navigational keywords: This shows that the users are currently looking for a particular brand or website. These keywords include the brand name or URL of the website. They can easily identify themselves with these search terms: login, ,contact, and support.

  4. Informational keywords: Informational keywords show that the users are currently looking for particular information related to their query. These keywords can be easily identified with these search terms like- how, where, what , guide, etc.

Where do you use keywords on your page?

The key areas you should focus on your page are:

  1. Url: You should always use your main keywords in the URL path. It will help search engines identify the search query and display your content to your targeted audience.

  2. Title tags:- It shows up in the search results and is written for humans, not robots.

  3. Meta description: Do we use keywords in the meta description for the purpose of SEO and to show users what the content is about?

  4. Content Body: We should also use keywords in the body of the content. So, the readers can easily identify the content.

  5. Image alt text: You should also use keywords in image alt text because Google bots can’t read what the image is about? So, use it properly so that the Google bots can identify your image as well. If your images are also ranked at the top of Google search results, then the chances of your content being found are much higher. 


We can say that keywords are the basic foundation of SEO. If we properly use the keyword in your content, then chances are higher that we will rank your content in the SERP. Use it properly and don't overstuff it, be generic while using it in your content.

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